Get More Work as an Independent Adjuster by Knowing WHY

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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.27.4″](Hey I know I told you I’d have the other 5 tips of how to get more work as an independent adjusterl ast week, but I couldn’t talk the rest of last week thanks to a cold I caught on a public bus…. Yup I know hand sanitizer (feel free to use some now as you read this)

Being an IA is similar to this its important to know that who you are surrounding yourself with and who is affecting you is not INFECTING YOU….now onto the topic)

This is part 3 in a 5 part series, “Top 5 Ways to Get More Catastrophic Work as an Independent Adjuster”

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I was reflecting on a past FAILED career of mine and I thought about you and your pursuit of a career in adjusting and about you trying to find more work as an independent adjuster. I believe you may find the lessons I learned useful for where you are at.

A few years back I created a COOL company. I had a great logo, killer website, sweet commercials, and man I was checking off the list of things I thought, I was “supposed to do.”

You may be asking, “What kind of business was it?” Basically, it was an app-based business for small local companies to offer additional customers through advertising. My team and I created the app and this “amazing concept” of how to bring the community together.

I had lots of great meetings with members of local communities, organizations, and even got to present at decent size conference.

I had a lot of interest in what we were doing, but I could never “close the deal.” After a year of “oh we need a new feature!” or “almost there”, and the always hopeful “just one more meeting” I had burned through $20,000 that I had invested personally into the business and all my relationships associated with that business.

But you know what? Everyone had thought what I was doing was GREAT, but no one wanted to PAY me for my time, effort or energy. I didn’t understand. We had a product that could…. Well that was cool! It would help someone, I was sure of it!

“How would it help me?” When a local business owner straight up asked this question…. It stumped me. Basically, “why should I pay you money?” is the question that business owners would ask that still haunt me to this day about our GREAT business solution.

I knew it would help them, I was sure of it, but I couldn’t explain why. To be honest I didn’t know why and you know what, I end up looking like a fool and broke as a bad joke.

Let’s imagine that I had learned “how it would help them” and “why they should pay money for my product/service.”

I’d sit down in meeting with local businesses (who were happy to have these meetings) and I’d share with them how we could get 20 new customers each month by advertising at another local business for only $20 a month.

“Mrs. Smith would 20 new customers be worth $20 a month to you?”

No business would turn down 20 NEW customers a month at a $1 a customer, but I was too busy talking about the features, partnerships, logos, and beautiful app I had created.

I wasn’t talking about THEM I was talking about ME.

As I reflected on this failure (as I have often in the two years since) I once again come back to that question. “Why did it fail?”

It failed because I didn’t know how I was going to help them, but I sure knew how they could help me. The bare bones about it is I did everything to make money for myself, but I didn’t do anything to make money for them.

And so it is within your chosen career field of independent adjusting, you know every reason someone should hire you, you’ve got all the features, State Farm Certification, you’ve got a Texas License, you’ve filled out an application, you are on Pilots roster, you’ve been to a lot of meeetings but too often you forget or you don’t even know how you can help them!

How are you going to help make a company MORE MONEY? Why are you any different than the other 10,000 adjusters that get a license this year?

Well let’s ask this question, “How does an IA Firm or adjusting company make money to begin with?” They get paid to complete claims….

So then how are you at completing claims?

What is your track record?

Are you fast on the estimating software?

Do you know how to write a hail estimate in under 30 minutes? Do you even know how to write a hail estimate?

Do you know what to look for when it comes to a flooded vehicle?

What happens if you get a collision claim? Surely you know how to write a wrecked vehicle…

Truth is most independent adjuster don’t know how to do the list above with confidence.

THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE COMPANIES MONEY and if you don’t know how then you truly can’t communicate WHY someone should pay you money and….. they probably won’t.

Here’s the thing, this happens to all of us. We get wrapped up in things that are good to do, look great, but don’t make anyone money, but we can try to prevent looking like a fool and ending up broke.

We can provide value to companies by becoming competent and confident, by being trained to complete claims. We need a step by step processes that is repeatable and it’d be great if we could have access to training that is available 24/7 for reference whenever we need it.

That way we won’t have to suffer looking like a fool and get more work as an independent adjuster.

So tip #3 is Get Trained

Now if you need trained you can do training without having to travel the country spending thousands on the training and travel expenses.

You can get trained to complete auto claims online, from home, and learn to complete claims with confidence and competence, so you can get work using IA Path’s online classes for collision, hail, flood, heavy equipment, CCC One, and Audatex training located at the Institute of IA’s.

Checkout our classes by clicking HERE.

Your Guide,
Chris Stanley
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