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17,732 adjusters did this one thing…

(This is part 2 of a of a special series of 5 podcasts called, “The Top 5 Ways to Get More Catastrophe Work as an Independent Adjuster” and is sponsored by ACD Get on ACD’s roster by emailing

It is a BIG number. They all did this one thing… did you? And if you did where does that leave you?

According to the Texas Department of Insurance in 2017 17,732 adjusters received their Texas All Lines license….. (feel free to read that again if you’d like)

Now it is a shocking statistic and I hope you are feeling the weight of those numbers. Did you receive your license in 2017? Maybe you got it in 2016 and you are in front of those 17k other adjusters in terms of seniority, but 2016 was only a little better for you, 13,575 got their license in that year. It’s safe to say over 10k adjusters receive a Texas all lines license a year (over 7500 in the first 4 months of 2018!)

Now all of those aren’t independent adjusters, but the reality is, everybody and their mother and their school teacher has an adjuster license. It is a tough and painful 40 hours of studying and then a brutal and boring test and you should be proud for getting your adjuster license, but in the catastrophe adjusting world it’s par for the course and just the beginning of getting work.

OK now that we know…. you are one of MANY licensed adjusters (in Texas, Florida or Indiana don’t get caught up on specifics) we need to have the conversation about how do we stand out from those other 17,000 adjusters who got licensed in Texas last year.

In yesterdays postI promised I would address the question, “How do we prove that we are better money makers?” Remember IA Firms are bringing us in to make money off of us and thus we need to cost less and make them more money so they’ll deploy us more so we can make more $$. (It’s all about the money it seems)

Insurance companies are the ones dictating how many people may be used for a given catastrophe event and what state they will be working out of. To legally allow you to work for those companies in most states you must have an adjuster license in the state to even be considered for most of the available positions.

Texas is great for hail storms and Houston can have flooding events, but there are many other types of storms around the country that once again we can use to increase our chances of deployment. If you are sitting on JUST A TEXAS/FLORIDA LICENSE you may be sitting at home because there is no reason to consider you for any storm outside of those states.

Yes companies can apply for you to get an emergency license in other states, but that is only if a state of emergency has been declared and that costa the IA Firms time to apply for you and the fee for application, which costs them MORE money.

Remember our goal is to cost LESS. Also, the more IA’s they have available in specific states where the catastrophes occur the more spots they may be able to fill…. making them more money.

You are probably tracking with me and where I’m about to go, but for clarity’s sake I hope you are seeing this picture and business as a numbers game, because frankly it is. It’s all about the numbers and if you want the numbers on your side you need to do the things that’ll give you an advantage.

So my #2 Tip for getting more catastrophe work is….

#2 Get More Licenses

I’m sure you are sick of hearing this, but it is a good piece of advice. Now which licenses should you get? Where should you start? Are there states that are more valuable than others?

OF COURSE! We’ll talk about which states to get tomorrow and I’ll have a third tip for you.

First though I want to challenge you to get 2 new adjuster licenses each month until you get work. Just 1 a month if that is all you can do, it’ll help! Michigan is only $12 I think…. OK save that for a rough month!

Most licenses aren’t that expensive once you have your first license and it’ll serve you for years to come. Once you get your first deployment I’d encourage you to invest money back into getting as many licenses as possible. With $2000 in licenses invested you can be in the 90+% group of adjusters and be with the cream of the crop.

Your Guide,
Chris Stanley

P.S. This isn’t all there is to getting work, but hey its just the first two tips! Just a quick reminder

#1 – Get on more rosters
#2 – Get more licenses

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