How Long Does It Take To Become a Catastrophic Claims Adjuster

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Hello and welcome to the independent adjuster podcast this is episode 36. I hope you enjoyed the new intro. I feel pumped up and ready to help guide you on the path as an IA. We are going to cover how long it takes to become a catastrophic claims adjuster.

I am asked all the time, can you help me become an IA, tomorrow? That’s what today’s episode will answer.


Outline – How Long Does It Take To Become a Catastrophic Claims Adjuster

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Getting Adjuster license (1 month)

    1. 40-hour study
    2. Test
    3. Admin, fingerprints etc
  1. Learn basics of hail adjusting (1 – 2 months)
    1. Auto Basics
    2. Hail damage 101
    3. Estimating system
  2. Sign up for the major 5 companies and attend orientation (1 – 2 months)
    1. Pilot Catastrophe
    2. EA Renfroe
    3. Worley
    4. Eberle
    5. CNC Adjusting
  3. Wait for perfect storm and deployment (1-6 months)

My conclusion is 6 months is needed to properly get trained, licensed, on rosters, and be ready. The hail season starts for March 1st, start getting ready in the summer/fall of the previous year.

5 Takeaways

  1. Start NOW (at least 6 months before the next hail season)
  2. Be ready to spend 6+ months pursuing this part-time
  3. Treat this as your business (Because it is)
  4. Don’t just apply for the big 5
  5. Learn the skills needed to earn repeat deployments

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