How to Get More Deployments Without Breaking the Bank on the Catastrophic Claims Adjuster Licenses

We all want more deployments as a catastrophic claims adjuster or auto damage appraiser….. right? I assume that’s why you are reading this. We all know we need multiple claims adjuster Licenses.

I frequently am asked the question, “What adjuster licenses should I get?”


“Do I have enough claims adjuster licenses to get deployed?”

I’ll answer the question of what licenses to get and I promise you won’t have to break the bank. If you follow my advice you will be able to work in nearly 20 hail states and you will still have money to drive to your first storm.

No one wants to be left out of a deployment because he or she lacks the licenses, but until we get deployed it’s hard to have money to get all the state licenses we are “told” we need to get. That’s why it is important for us to distinguish what licenses we need to get that first deployment. Most bigger companies give you a long list that includes hurricane states, but hurricane season is June 1st to November 30th. Hail season is March to September. This is why I recommend you to focus your money and energy on getting our first deployment of the year early, during the hail season, and not break the bank sitting around hoping for a hurricane late in the year.

It hails all over the country, but it is consistent in the Midwest. By looking at the numbers of claim counts, loss amounts, the number of hail storms, and by reviewing where I have worked the last 5 years I’ve put together a list of 5 (or 6) licenses that you should get.

When you combine these licenses with all the non-licensing states (states that don’t require a license) you will be available to work in 19 states that are hailed on every hail season. How is that for playing the odds!

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1. Resident State License or Indiana License

The first license you should get is your resident state license. This is the license of the state where you “reside” or live. If you live in a state that doesn’t require an adjusters license, I recommend that you obtain an Indiana adjuster’s license. For years Texas was the preferred license, but the Indiana license is issued in 3 days verses waiting 2 months for Texas.

2. Texas

We know that everything is bigger in Texas, and the hail storms and losses are no exception. Texas frequently has large hail storms in highly populated areas like Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. Also, smaller cities like Abilene and Amarillo get storms as well. 3 out of 5 years I have spent my first major deployment in Dallas.

3. Oklahoma

Oklahoma City and Dallas are not far away from each other. It’s more likely that OKC will get a storm than it will not. Also, Tulsa is in play for hail storms. As a side note, OK has a lot of tornadoes, even if you don’t get deployed for a hail storm you may have a chance to be deployed for a tornado.

4. Minnesota

I have never personally worked in Minnesota, but the numbers don’t lie, there is a lot of claims and population in the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. I was torn on this one, but I can’t argue with the numbers.

5. Georgia

With the high population of Atlanta there is usually at least one deployment each year in the Georgia region, usually early in the year.

6. Kentucky

In case your resident state license is one of the above states I felt compelled to complete a list of 5 licenses by adding an optional sixth. Every other year Louisville Kentucky gets a big deployment for hail.

You may be thinking, “Chris there is states with more hail than Kentucky or Georgia….?”

Yes, you are right, but most of the hail states do not require you to have an adjuster’s license. Below is a list of hail prone states you have in your licensing arsenal FOR FREE!

Hail states that don’t require a license

1. Colorado – this is the most hailed on place in the world!

2. Nebraska

3. Kansas

4. Missouri

5. Iowa

6. North Dakota

7. South Dakota

8. Tennessee

9. Illinois

10. Ohio

11. Virginia

12. Wisconsin

13. Pennsylvania

Now check out this map! Odds are now in your favor to get a hail deployment in one of the colored states

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Your Guide,

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