OK maybe you aren’t sure if you should invest in becoming an independent adjuster. There can be a lot of time and money invested into being an independent adjuster. So I’m going to give you ten things that I thought of that could be signs you are ready to invest in becoming an independent adjuster.

If you are meeting most of the following criteria, then you may be poised to make a run at having a career in independent adjusting.

1.      You Want to Own Your Own Business

Many people don’t realize it, but as an independent adjuster you are creating your own business. If you don’t have the ambition or want the responsibility of owning a business it could be a big hurdle to overcame in your journey.

You are a 1099 contractor for most companies and that means you are responsible for taxes, accounting, invoicing, revenue, profit, and other not fun words that we must use as business owners.

2.      You Have Initiative

Taking initiative and being a self-starter is one of the biggest requirements of being an independent adjuster. You don’t have bosses checking your cubicle every few minutes to make sure you are doing what needs to be done. There isn’t a daily pow wow with the team to check the progress of the project.

Look through your past have you started doing things that needed to be done even if there was no direct monetary gain from the project? If you have the get it done bug you’ll be far more likely to be successful as an independent adjuster.

3.      You are Passionate

Enjoying your job is always a good thing, but do you have passion for becoming an adjuster, or do you have passion for any career task that you determine to take on? Being passive and lackluster in attitude and energy can be a recipe for failure.

Starting as an independent adjuster is much like being an entrepreneur, you can’t expect to have overnight success. This can make it financially, mentally, and emotionally difficult to push through the tough times if you aren’t passionate about the career you are pursuing.

4.      Your Spouse is Annoyed at How Much You Talk About…

My poor wife has had to endure many career shifts, crazy ideas, and my obsession of whatever I was tackling. There is really no other word that accurately describes what it takes to enter a new and highly competitive industry.

If your spouse is jealous of how much time you are spending on researching, training, & pursuing your career in independent adjusting, you may be on the path to success…… and marriage counseling.

Make sure you buy some roses for the wife or bring a 6 pack home for your husband the next time you have to take a Crash Course class with me, because I won’t be going to counseling…. again. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!

5.      You Work Hard

We all think that we are hard workers, but it just isn’t the case. Most of the work force when looked at objectively is giving a slack performance when compared to the superstars of their respective fields.

The people who excel at __________ (fill in the blank job) typically are excelling not because they have a special talent, but because they work harder.

When I worked at Wal-Mart Distribution I was the short, overweight, no muscles 5ft 8 young man, when compared to other workers who appeared to be lifetime members to Golds Gym, I should have been the bottom producer. Yet, I was able to set records in my department because I worked HARDER and SMARTER.

When you determine your own success, you must give it your all and put in the hard work to become the successful independent adjuster you want to become.

6.       Won’t Take “No” for an Answer

If you give up easy, then give up now! Becoming an independent adjuster is a challenge and you will hear no or even worse hear nothing many times before you hear, “YES!” or “You are DEPLOYED!”.

With red tape in the insurance industry, long term runaways to getting on rosters, and a lot of training and networking you’ll need to do, it will be a test of your resilience and patience. Get ready for big rewards when you get the “YES!”, but be even more ready to hear no and not accept it.

If you keep hearing no when applying for companies download my 101 Adjusting Rosters by clicking HERE so you can hear no for a long time before your run out of companies to contact.

7.      You Love Helping Others

Being an independent adjuster is about helping individuals and families get back on their feet after a traumatic event. Whether they’ve damaged their car or lost their house in a flood, these people need help.

If you haven’t learned to enjoy helping others, then you may NOT enjoy being an independent adjuster. You’ll constantly be looking to shortcut the most important part of your job, connecting with the people involved.

Yes, many people become an IA (independent adjuster) because they want to make money, but if that is all that is driving you then drive yourself onto another career, because you will likely not find success with that motivation.

Don’t believe me? This principle applies to not just adjusting, but to insurance in general. Checkout the articles on INSNerds.com section of “Why I love Insurance” and I’d challenge you to see a single person mentioning money as why they love working in insurance.

8.      You Have People Skills

I can imagine an adjuster who sits in a cubicle all day, talks on the phone like those DRY EYES commercials and stamps “Deny” on papers that are placed in front of them, but my imagination and the reality of what it will be like for you as an independent adjuster are incompatible.

Your entire job is based on a single word, “communication.” Which is laughable because I say jokingly I am the worst 1 on 1 communicator on the planet, which is my exaggerated way of saying I still need to work on my skillset.

As an adjuster you must adjust the owner’s expectations by communicating the claims process, you must communicate the damages you observed through an estimate, and you must communicate your thoughts on the entire loss through your summary/appraisal report.

If you don’t get along with people, then they probably won’t get along with you as an independent adjuster.

9.      You Have Margin

In a quote from the book Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives, Richard Swenson, M.D. describes margin like this:

“Margin is the space between our load and our limits. It is the amount allowed beyond that which is needed. It is something held in reserve for contingencies or unanticipated situations. Margin is the gap between rest and exhaustion, the space between breathing freely and suffocating.”

If you don’t have margin in your life then a big part of your journey to becoming an IA needs to be learning how to create margin. There is an excellent article by Michael Hyatt on this matter and obviously the book quoted above would be great for you to read as well.

Margin is important as an independent adjuster, because we are dealing with catastrophes on large and small scales and need emotional and mental margin to handle the stress. We are also business owners and a business with no financial margin is a business ready to collapse at the first moment things go wrong. (and they will!)

You will be investing a large chunk of time into training and if you don’t have space in your life it may come crumbling down around you.

10.  You Have Computer Skills

This is probably the most intimidating for people, but don’t close the screen and go back to working at your old job just yet. This is the least important of the 10 things listed, but if you already have strong computer skills and are comfortable at a computer you are at a huge advantage.

If you are not computer savvy you can acquire these skills, but you must also have many of the qualities listed above to push through the hard work with passion and not find yourself unable to perform a job due to lack of computer knowledge.

Now I hope that this list helps you better understand what it takes to become a successful independent adjuster and be better prepared for your journey.

If you need help getting started and don’t know what your next step in the journey should be, feel free to schedule a 15-minute Q&A Call with me and I’d be happy to give you custom advice on how to get started. You can schedule a time with me by clicking HERE.

Remember to Claim Your Life & Your Future, It Starts NOW!

Your Guide,
Chris Stanley

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