How to Get the State Farm Adjuster Certification

The State Farm adjuster certification is something that many independent adjusters want to obtain. If you’ve been looking into how to become an insurance adjuster, or you’re in the process of becoming an independent adjuster, you’ve probably been told you should try to get it.

And it’s true. As the largest insurance company in the US, State Farm insures the most vehicles and homes in the country. The ability to process those claims will open up many opportunities in your career.

So if you’re ready to get started as a property adjuster, you’re in the right place.

What is the State Farm Certification? Should you bother to get it? What is required to obtain a State Farm Certification? 

I’m going to answer those questions and more in this article.

Is the State Farm Certification valuable?

insurance adjusting

State Farm, also referred to as Big Red by independent adjusters, is the largest insurance company in America. They insure one out of every three vehicles on the road. 

Having the State Farm Certification means that independent adjusting firms supporting State Farm can send you out to process cat claims as a catastrophic insurance adjuster after a catastrophic event. If you aren’t State Farm Certified, that means you can’t inspect one out of every three vehicles.

So if you want to get more catastrophe claims, and get into the top tier of catastrophe adjuster salaries, this certification is valuable.

The State Farm Certification verifies that you understand and can complete claims according to State Farm policy guidelines before you are allowed to handle a claim.

There are two different State Farm certifications:

  1. Auto Certification
  2. Fire & Casualty Certification

Auto certification is designed to prepare and certify you to handle auto claims. The fire and casualty certification is designed to prepare and certify you for property claims.

Both are valuable for you in your career and should be considered.

How do you get the State Farm Certification?

getting your state farm adjuster certification

There are a few steps you will have to follow before you can start working with State Farm:

  1. Hold an adjuster license in your home state or designated home state.
  2. Join the rosters of IA firms that service State Farm.
  3. Register for a State Farm Certification Testing Event.
  4. Attend and pass the test to receive certification.

The only way to become State Farm Certified as an independent adjuster is to attend the certification and testing events held by IA Firms that service State Farm. These events include a simulcast training event to prepare you for the in-person test.

Testing events are held multiple times per year and cover State Farm guidelines, processes, and procedures, followed by a test of your skills and knowledge of State Farm Guidelines.

You must make a passing grade to receive a State Farm Certification.

Requirements for State Farm Certification

certification requirements

It is important to note that you are NOT eligible to attend a State Farm Certification event if:

  • You do not hold an adjuster license.
  • You are not on the rosters of at least one company that services State Farm.

If you’re not already a licensed IA, find out the insurance adjuster licensing requirements in your state, and get the correct license.

Cost of State Farm Certification

The class is typically free or low cost for you to attend.

Knowledge requirements

Some basic knowledge of auto damage will be required for passing the State Farm Auto Certification.

Basic estimate, construction, and policy knowledge will be required for passing the State Farm Fire and Casualty Certification. Many companies provide a study guide for the Property Certification beforehand.

It is not a hard test if you pay attention in class and do a little bit of studying beforehand. If you fail, you’ll have to wait a few months before you can try again.

Independent Adjuster firms that work for State Farm

insurance firms

This list may change over time, but the companies below have been confirmed to work with State Farm on an as-needed basis. 

These are the rosters and companies you should be connected with so you can attend the State Farm Certification and be eligible to work State Farm claims. 

This list is not exhaustive but a great list of companies to connect with:

  • TheBestIRS
  • Eberl
  • QA Claims
  • Pilot Catastrophe
  • Worley
  • CNC
  • Wardlaw
  • Crawford & Co.
  • Prime Consulting Group
  • EA Renfroe

Most of the companies listed above host State Farm Certifications. Once you’re on the rosters, contact each company individually and ask them about upcoming State Farm and other carrier certifications to find out how to get registered.

State Farm Certification schedule for 2020

state farm certification schedule

The 2020 State Farm Certification dates are as follows:

The 2020 Auto Certification broadcasts will begin at 9 a.m. Central Time (CT) on the following dates:

  • February 19
  • March 4
  • May 20
  • July 29
  • August 26
  • November 4

The 2020 Fire Certification (property) broadcasts will begin at 9 a.m. CT on the following dates:

  • February 26
  • April 22
  • June 24
  • August 5
  • September 23
  • December 22 

Next Steps

Getting both of the State Farm Certifications is valuable to you as an independent adjuster, but it is just one step on the path to a successful career.

There are also some other licenses you can look into, like all-lines adjuster licenses in select states, and the NFIP certification for flood damage claims.

If you are interested in having an entire roadmap and plan on how to get started as a successful independent adjuster, check out this free video course: IA Crash Course.

It will guide you step by step through your entire journey to getting started and earning income as an independent adjuster INCLUDING choosing the right time to obtain your State Farm Certification.

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Keep walking your path and claiming your life.

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