Ultimate Guide for Insurance Claims by State

Most insurance adjusters want to know what insurances claims happen in each state, but there isn’t anything easy to find or understand.

At IA Path, we decided we needed to gather the data and create the ultimate guide for insurance claims broken down by state for you.

This way an independent adjuster or appraiser could know what claim types they can expect to receive in their state, or what states would experience the types of losses you want to work.

We wanted you to be able to make informed decisions around getting your different state adjuster licenses based on data, not just your gut or someone on Facebook.

We also wanted to make sure you would know in an instant if you needed to get an adjusters license for that particular state you were considering.

Let’s review at what this guide covers and we created it.

What Ultimate Independent Adjuster's Guide to Insurance Claims By State Includes

The Ultimate Independent Adjuster’s Guide to Insurance claims By State breaks down all 50 states individually and tells you how likely a nature based claim type will happen in your state. (including deer hits for auto claims!)

Let me break down exactly what we show you in this guide.


  • If the state has an adjuster’s license
  • The frequency of the following types of claims,
    • Wind claims
    • Hail claims
    • Tornado claims
    • Flood claims
    • Hurricane claims
    • Fire claims
    • Deer claims
Here is each page/card for a state looks like.

How the Independent Adjuster's Guide to Insurance Claims By State Works

We worked long and hard to make the data of insurance claims by state be understandable at a glance to anyone.

Because of that, we based the bar graphs based on the frequency of events RELATIVE TO STATE SIZE AND POPULATION.

All this means is that deer hits are high in North Dakota compared to how many people live in the state, not necessarily that it experiences MORE than Kentucky (as an example). That is what we did after much heated discussion and trial and error.

If you look at each state in its own vacuum, I think you’ll find you know more about what happens in a state now with this guide.

If you live in North Dakota you can expect to handle deer hits and hail… more than you can expect to work fire claims.

Make sense?

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