Independent Adjuster’s Guide to LinkedIn

The biggest issue most adjusters (new or veterans) face is getting more work and yet they overlook how beneficial LinkedIn can be for independent adjusters.

Huge disclaimer here, I hate social media. I am not on and do not use Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube (seriously I don’t watch Youtube videos), etc. I am only on LinkedIn.

So if you have reservations about using a social media platform, I get it!

But I hope you’ll give me a few minutes to tell you why you may should consider using LinkedIn as an independent adjuster.

Ultimate Guide for Insurance Claims by State

Most insurance adjusters want to know what insurances claims happen in each state, but there isn’t anything easy to find or understand. At IA Path, we decided we needed to gather the data and create the ultimate guide for insurance claims broken down by state for you. This way an independent adjuster or appraiser could … Read more

How to Write an Auto Damage Estimate in Six Easy Steps

Every time you inspect a vehicle you’ll have dozens or even hundreds of decisions to make and for most new IA’s, that is WAY TOO OVERWHELMING. I developed this framework to give a step by step process by which you can analyze the damages you are looking at step by step, WITHOUT getting overwhelmed. When … Read more

How to Estimate Auto Hail Damage With a PDR Matrix

Estimating Hail Damage With a PDR Matrix

Knowing how to properly write an auto damage hail estimate is important. Many independent adjusters and auto damage appraisers don’t understand teh concept and end up guessing at how to do it. The way we properly write an aut hail estimate is by using a PDR Price Matrix and I’m going to walk you through … Read more

Auto Damage Appraisers Are ESSENTIAL During Coronavirus

Auto damage appraiser are essential (1)

We’re facing a true and genuine global crisis, the likes of which none of us have ever seen in our lifetimes. This is a once in a century pandemic. People are isolating and quarantining themselves. Businesses are shutting down. Lawmakers are scrambling to get a grasp on everything that’s happening right now. We’re living through … Read more

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